2017 Summer Internship

“Fear God and you need not fear anyone else.”

This concept expressed by Woodrow Wilson saturates the reality of Christian life. The victory is sealed. The medals have been prepared and eternal celebration is around the corner. The only thing left to do is to march on fearlessly and bring as many people as possible to the finish line with us.

President Wilson is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University, one of the 16 college campuses in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. More than 150,000 undergraduate students also call the Greater Baltimore area their academic home. College students, young professionals, families—there isn’t a demographic that you can’t find in this diverse city. The harvest is ripe and there is a great need to bring Jesus’ ministry to this city through bible study, daily service and community outreach.

With that, the Greater Baltimore Church is pleased to announce two very unique ministry training tracks starting summer of 2017. Both internships are designed to equip interns for future leadership and provide an understanding of how to effectively reach a community for Christ.

We are looking for 5 motivated individuals for each of the tracks. More details about each ministry are included below.

Thank you for your interest. We are excited to see how God works through this internship.

- The Greater Baltimore Church Staff  

Thank you for your interest. Our application is now closed. Please check again next year for our internship announcement. 

Ministry Leadership Internship


MTA Classes

Attend intensive sessions taught by highly trained teachers on the topics of:

  • Christian apologetics,
  • Biblical exegesis,
  • Biblical history
  • and much more.

Practical Ministry Classes

Take learning off the page and into real life. Classes include:

  • discipling and mentorship basics,
  • how to write a bible discussion,
  • leading a discipleship group,
  • building effective small groups
  • and much more.

One week at Camp Hope for Kids

Live the ministry in daily service at the newly purchased Camp Hope for Kids in Pennsylvania. Mentor the future of our movement and create long lasting memories, bonds and convictions.

Serving HOPE worldwide Baltimore

Get into the heart of the city to serve those desperately in need.

Music Ministry Internship

From Broadway performances to Hollywood productions, the Greater Baltimore Church is beyond blessed to boast industry experts with both a deep understanding of the entertainment business, and an unquenchable desire to see those gifts used in service to God and the church through worship. This very unique opportunity allows potential applicants to learn from these incredibly talented individuals in a Music Ministry specific internship.

It is our goal to provide prospective interns with deep biblical study on the purpose of worship, and  training in song leading, musical arrangement and the technicalities involved in planning and executing corporate worship.

Further details:

Roles and Relationships

Learn about the music leadership roles under the mentorship of a Worship Arts Team staff member. Train in the observation of, participation in, and leadership of various worship ministries of The Greater Baltimore Church.

Principles in Planning and Practice

Learn how to:

  • develop a working knowledge and understanding of biblical worship principles,
  • prepare and execute plans for weekly performances, vocal team and worship band rehearsals,
  • plan, organize, and execute song worship in order to effectively apply these principles in various congregational and cultural contexts.


Grow in your knowledge of:

  • music notation software,
  • visual media tools,
  • lighting equipment,
  • production and sound system basics,
  • long-range planning,
  • facility/equipment scheduling and maintenance,
  • copyright issues and music product resources,
  • event promotion, and
  • people management